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Ahmedabad,The Largest City of Gujarat 

Ahmedabad is one of the largest city which is situated in the state of Gujarat. It is located on the banks of river Sabarmati. It is the fastest growing city in the world which is also known as Amdavad by fellow Amdavadis. The city of Ahmedabad is also the hub of trade and commerce in Gujarat. The commercial importance of Ahmedabad makes the city an important travel destination in India. Ahmedabad Textile Industry Research Association is regarded as one of the top institutions of the country that is involved in research on textiles. It has several buildings that showcases India architectural style, built in the Indo-Saracen style. The city of Ahmedabad is home to some of the most renowned centers of higher learning. The National Institute of Design is an internationally acclaimed institution and one of the leading multi-disciplinary institutions in the field of design education. The Indian Institute of Management which is regarded as one of the foremost institutes of the country and is globally recognized for its business management studies.

The City of Ahmedabad was founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah in 1411 AD on the Sabarmati river , and served as capital of the Sultanate of Gujarat. The historic center of Ahmedabad is presently a thriving business district. It is mainly divided in two parts, the old city, and new city. The old city has developed rather haphazardly, and most of the roads are narrow and crowded during business hours. The new city has well-structured, wide roads. A wide variety of shops and businesses exist in the city.

Ahmedabad is a most beautiful tourist destination in the state of Gujarat. It is well connected with the major cities of the country through air, rail and road. There are many places to visit in Ahmedabad are Kankaria Lake, Chandola Lake, Bhadra Fort, Teen Darwaza, Gandhi Ashram, Sidi Sayed Mosque, Rani Roopmati Mosque and many more. Apart from this, the city has numerous attractive places and sightseeing, which makes it an ideal tourist spot for travellers.

Places To Visit 

Kankaria Lake
Kankaria Lake is one of the most popular Tourist aatraction in Ahmedabad. It is a circular lake which was constructed in 1451 by Sultan Qutubub-Din. The lake is a popular recreation center, surrounded by parks, 'Bal Vatika', an aquarium, a boat club, a natural historical museum and a zoo.

Chandola Lake
Chandola Lake is one of the most beautiful Lake in Ahmedabad. It is an artificial lake which is situated at the Dani Limda Road. It is basically a water reservoir, which is very beneficial for the people of Ahmedabad. The water of Chandola Lake is used for irrigation as well as other industrial purposes.

Bhadra Fort
Bhadra Fort is also one of the most famous tourist place in Ahmedabad. It was built in 1411 AD by Sultan Ahmad Shah. The fort is well known for the Bhadrakali Temple that was built in the dedication of Hindu Goddess 'Bhadra', a different form of Goddess Kali.

Teen Darwaja

Teen Darwaja is one of the longest as well as the oldest gateways of the Ahmedabad city. It is an architectural marvel and Consisting of gorgeous arched gates. It was built in the year of 1411 AD by Sultan Ahmed Shah who was the founder of the Ahmedabad City.

Ahmed Shah Mosque

Ahmed Shah Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Ahmedabad. It was built in the year of 1411 AD by Sultan Ahmed Shah who was the founder of the Ahmedabad City. It is a religious place for Muslims that is lying on the left side of the famous Bhadra Fort and is also well known for its architectural designing.

Area 464.16 km²
Population 5570585
Language Gujarati, Hindi and English
Pin Code 380001

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