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Ahmednagar,The Historical City Of Maharashtra 

Ahmednagar is one of the most visited historical city which is situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Ahmednagar is situated on the left banks of the Sina River and attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is divided into three physical divisions which include western hilly region, central plateau region and the region of northern and southern plains. Mula, Paravara, Dhora and Sina are the important rivers of Ahmednagar. Large number of population in the city is Hindu with minorities of Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Zoroastrians. It is a picturesque city that is considered by many as an ideal spot for vacationing. Ahmednagar is located at a distance of about 120 km northeast of Pune and 300 km east of Mumbai. The city is well known for sugar mills, milk production and bank co-operatives. The city is named after its founder Ahmed Shah. This city has the distinction of being one of the greenest urban areas of the country. Marathi is the prime language that is spoken in and around the region. However, the locals are fluent in Hindi as well. Apart from this, Chand Bibi's Mahal, Ahmednagar Fort and several other historically and architecturally significant monuments are among the prime attractions of this place that lure people from all around the country.

The city of Ahmednagar got its name from the founder, Ahmed Shah Nizam Shah. Ahmednagar was established as a town back in 1494 by the Ahmed Nizam Shah. The region history goes right back to the time when Ahmed Nizam Shah founded the district under the Nizami Shahi dynasty right before it was taken over by the great Mughal ruler, Shah Jahan, around 150 years later in 1636. Ahmednagar later went on to the Peshwas and the Maratha, in and around 1759 post which it was handed over to Daulat Rao Sindhia,the Maratha Chief. The British, under the leadership of Lord Wellesley, were the last of its conquerors, when Ahmednagar came as per the Treaty of Poona in 1817. The last of the great lineage of rulers of the Mughal Empire, Aurangzeb spent his last years in this very place. A small monument in Ahmednagar commemorates his noteworthy reign over the region.

Ahmednagar is a very nice tourist place situated in the state of Maharashtra. It has some major religious tourism spots including, Mohata Devi temple, Siddeshwar temple, Shri Vishal Ganpati temple, Sant Dyaneshwar temple and many more. The Ahmednagar Fort is one of the major attractions in the city. It signifies the Ahmed Nizam Shah's victorious capture of the Daulatabad fort. The fort interestingly also served as a prison for our noted National Leaders who fought the Freedom Struggle. Tourists coming to the Ahmednagar are enchanted by the culture, tourist places and scenic beauty of the city as well as the warm hospitality the people of the city.

Places to visit 

Ahmednagar Fort
Ahmednagar Fort is one of the most famous fort situated in Ahmednagar. It was constructed by Malik Ahmed, the first sultan of the Nizam Shahi dynasty, during the 15th and the 16th century. The fort has 18 m high walls that are supported by 22 bastions. This fort was also used as a prison for keeping the captured soldiers.

Datta Temple
Datta Temple is situated in Devgad village and is situated on the banks of River Pravara. The site is popular as it was the home to Kisangiri Maharaj, a saint and messenger of Lord Datta. The temple stands between the gardened pathways, which lead to the inner sanctum of the temple.

Shri Siddhivinayak Temple
Shri Siddhivinayak Temple is one of the most famous temple located in Ahmednagar. It is believed that the site was known as a place where Lord Vishnu performed penance to get a boon from Lord Siddheshwar Ganesh. Sage Moraya Gosavi from Chinchwad and Sage Narayan Maharaj from Kodgaon completed their penance and got siddhi from Lord Siddhivinayak at this place.

Tank Museum
Tank Museum is one of the most popular museum in Ahmednagar. It is also popularly known as the Cavalry Tank Museum and is situated in the Armoured Corps Centre and School. The museum houses a vast collection of tanks used by rulers during different periods. The museum was inaugurated in 1994 by late Gen BC Joshi, Former Army Chief and a tank-man.

Chand Bibi Palace
Chand Bibi Palace is a major tourist attraction which is situated at a distance of 13 kms away from the main city. It is a three-storey structure and is made of solid stone and houses the Salabat Khan Tomb. It is situated on the top of a hill, the lights illuminating the city during night, present a picturesque view to the visitors.

Area 17,413 km²
Population 4543080
Language Hindi, Marathi
Pin Code 414001

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