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Asansol,The City of Mines  

Asansol is a metropolitan city which is located in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is second largest city in West Bengal after Kolkata and lies in its Bardhaman District. The city is well-developed in terms of infrastructure. It is famous for its industrial set up and coal mining. The city has reputed educational institutions and is also home to a large workforce and has excellent transportation facilities and thus is an ideal place for commerce and trade. Asansol is a heavily industrialized region and houses many giant market players like Eastern and IISCO Steel Plant, Chittaranjan Locomotive, Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), Disergarh Power Supply, Asansol Cement, Burn Standard, and Hindustan Cables Ltd etc. Apart from this, Asansol is also an interesting destination, in terms of tourism. There are many dams, parks, picnic spots and religious sites to visit in Asansol. Some of the most popular tourist places in the city of Asansol are Kalyaneswari temple, Maithan, Nehru Park, Ghagar Buri temple, Chandrachur temple which attracts the tourists from different parts of the World.

The name of the Asansol city is derived from two words - Asan the tree and sol which means a mineral enhanced land. The Asan tree is found here in abundance on the banks of the River Damodar. As per the historical evidence, people of Dravidian and Austroloid descent colonized the region of Asansol. Around 2500 years ago, Asansol has been believed as an area of significant Jainism activities. According to a number of scholars, Mahavira Vardhamana - the last Tirthankar of Jain religion, used to stay and work in this region. Thus the name Bardhaman (Burdwan District) was accepted for the districts and headquarters of this city Asansol. Apart from this, the coal and railways industry had begun to grow in Asansol, West Bengal, during the time of British East India Company. The East Indian Railway (EIR) required generously balanced land area to construct a road and rail system to run the Railways smoothly. Searsole (now Raniganj) was their apparent first option because of the much developed coal mines. But sadly, the Malias, the Raj family of Searsole (Raniganj) did not agree to the offer of conceding them with enough amount of land part. On the other hand, during 1863–1864, this prospect was grabbed by the Raj family of Panchakut (Cossipore, Adra). They sold a vast area of forest land to the East Indian Railway (EIR). Asansol was a part of this jungle territory, which was then known as Shergarh. Afterward, it helped in guiding the establishment of Asansol, from the wilds of forests and jungles, to rapidly developing modern Industrial City.

Asansol is one of the most beautiful tourist destination in the West Bengal state. The city boasts of some very important historical as well as cultural heritage sites. It has many beautiful temples, dam, and amusement parks. Asansol tourism has able to transform the town into one of the niche holiday destination. The place is quite pollution free and one can get to inhale fresh air. Apart from the places the backdrop beauty and exquisiteness attracts the tourists from the different parts of the world. The major Asansol attractions of Asansol include Nehru park, Satabdi park, Ghagar Buri Chandi temple, Churulia, Kalyaneswari temple and many more.

Places to visit 

Kalyaneswari Temple
Kalyaneswari temple is one of the most famous temple which is located at a distance of 20 kms away from the city of Asansol. The temple is dedicated to goddess Kalyaneswari. This ancient temple is approximately 500 years old and was built by Panchakot King.

Churulia is a small village which is located at a distance of 17 kms away from Asansol. It is the birthplace of Kazi Nazrul Islam, a Bengali poet and freedom fighter. Nazrul Academy in the village preserves many medallions, manuscripts, and other possessions of the great poet.

Nehru Park
Nehru Park is a most beautiful park located in the Burnpur town of asansol. The park is situated on the banks of River Damodar. The park has facilities like musical fountain, boating and restaurant on the shores of Damodar River.

Area 127.3 km²
Population 563917
Language Bengali, English
Pin Code 7133

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