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Bhopal,The Capital City Of Madhya Pradesh 

Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. It is an ideal blend of magnificent beauty, historical monuments and advanced urban planning. This attractive old city with its abundance market places and fine old mosques and amazing palaces attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is located amidst two artificial lakes and is filled with natural magnificence galore. This city of Madhya Pradesh has woody forests, breathtaking landscapes and splendid hills. In addition to its natural splendor, the city offers pleasant atmosphere with the beauty of the man-made lakes. Besides its beauty, the city is well known for its historical past of Nawabs. The affluence of the city carries rich forms of art, custom and traditions all these features of the place attract travelers from all over the world. The city is not blessed with too many historical monuments but is unique from the others in its own sense. Presenting a perfect blend of Hinduism and Islam, the city also shows a mix of the traditions of Northern and Southern India.

The history of Bhopal takes us back into the primordial times when the legendary King Bhoj used to rule this region in 11th century A.D. It is believed that the city has derived its name from its founder King Bhoj. However, the region was soon subjugated by the Mughal rulers and remained a part of that empire till the death of the Emperor Aurangzeb. Bhopal's history reminds us of its turbulent days and the old monuments stand testimony to the past episodes. The modern day city of Bhopal was founded by Dost Mohammad in A.D. 1723 who happened to be an Afghan warrior. The History of Bhopal city also makes us aware of the times of yore and helps unfasten the knots of many mysteries and secrets of the yesteryears.

The city of Bhopal has a lot of other things to offer as well. The city presents a versatile profile, combining a picturesque silhouette of the city, with its historical monuments, mosques and temples and palaces along with the historicity, scenic grandeur and modern planning. There are a number of tourist attractions in Bhopal that fails to tire the enthusiastic traveler, visiting this old extraordinary city. Some of the famous tourist places in Bhopal are Archaeological Museum, Bharat Bhawan, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Gufa Mandir, Laxmi Narayan temple, Moti Masjid, Purana Qila and many more.

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Upper Lake
Upper Lake is one of the most famous and beautiful lake located in Bhopal. It is a natural attraction of the place where people can explore nature. The beauty of the serene lake brings together people to spend some time at peace here. The sunrise and sunset at the place is quite superb.

Lower Lake
Lower Lake is also another beautiful lake situated in the city of Bhopal. It is separated from the Upper Lake by an over-bridge. The lake is enclosed by human settlements from all sides and can be easily accessed from any part of the city. The Lower lake is also populary known as chotta Talab.

Van Vihar National Park
Van Vihar National Park is a major tourist attraction of Bhopal. The park spreads over an area of 445 hectares. It houses a variety of animals that are orphaned, brought from other parts of the state or exchanges from other zoos. The park is also maintained and administered by Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh.

Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Museum is one of the best museum located in the city of Bhopal. It has a very unique collection of sculptures gathered from all parts of Madhya Pradesh. The artifacts on display give a good account of the history of the state. The collection of artifacts has sculptures of Buddha, Lakshmi, paintings and images of Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple
Lakshmi Narayan Temple is one of the most famous Hindu temple in Bhopal. It is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi. The temple houses beautiful idols of Lakshmi and her husband Vishnu, along with a shrine of Lord Shiva and his wife Parvathi. The temple is also popularly known as Birla Mandir.

Area 285 km²
Population 1798218
Language Hindi
Pin Code 462001

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