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Jalandhar is also known as city of sports 

Origin of the city 
Jalandhar is the oldest city of Punjab, Jalandhar name derived from the vernacular term Jalandhar means area inside the water that is tract lying between the two rivers satluj and Beas. According to yet another version the name Jalandhar is named after Jalandhar, a demon king who finds mention in the puranas and Mahabharta. 

In ancient time, the district or kingdom of Jalandhar comprised the whole of the Upper Doabas from the Ravi to the Satluj. According to the Padama Purana, as quoted  by General Conningham the country takes its name from the great Daitya King Danava Jalandhara the son of the Ganga by Ocean. The whole of Punjab and the area of present Jalandhar District was part of the Indus valley civilization.  Harappa and Mohenjodaro are the sites where remains of the Indus Valley Civilization have been found extensively. The archaeological explorations made during the recent years have pushed the antiquity of the Jalandhar District.  

Location & Connectivity
Jalandhar provides complete information on the location of the city, its climatic conditions and the economic importance of the city. Spread over a huge area of 3,401 sq. km, 
Jalandhar is situated between the fertile agricultural land of River Beas and Sutlej. An important commercial hub of Punjab, Jalandhar is placed at a distance of 146 km from Chandigarh . Geographically, Jalandhar is place d between 71º 31'east latitude and 30º 33' north longitudes, which is characterized as the dry weather belt and is suitable for cultivating wheat and sugar cane.
City known for Sports 
Jalandhar today is a highly industrialized centre known as the town of sports. The Sports materials manufactured in Jalandhar are exported to various countries. The city also has the distinction of producing some of the best sportsmen in the country. The neighboring village of Sansar pur is known as the Nursery of Hockey Players. The Cantonment is proud of producing maximum number of hockey players from Cantonment Board Schools. 

Jalandhar ranks second in India in the rate of urbanization and have the highest density of population at 598 persons per square km, as per the 1991 census. The reason for this is growing industrialization. Industrial production of sports goods began on a small scale during the late forties. Over the years, the sports goods industry has grown at an impressive rate and of late Indian sports goods are also exported to different countries.

Most of India' sports goods are exported to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Germany, France and Australia. Rough estimates suggest that today Jalandhar has more than one hundred major industries and about 20,000 small-scale industries with a most conservative estimate of an annual turnover of approximately Rs 450 crores the industry is mainly concentrated in Jalandhar and Meerut. 

Jalandhar hospitals are among the best hospitals of Punjab. The hospitals of Jalandhar provide the best of medical facilities for the treatment of the patients. Some of the major hospitals in Jalandhar are Patel hospital, SGL charitable hospital, kidney hospital, Saini Hospital, Malhotra Children Hospital, Sood Eye Care Centre, Thind Eye Hospital Limited, Rajkamal Hospital, Paul Hospital, Baweja Eye Hospital, Sanga Eye Hospital, Amarjit Hospital, K G M Bone Hospital and many more.

The education in Jalandhar has acquired remarkable feats through the establishment of various schools and colleges in Jalandhar. Jalandhar education is provided to the students of the city by the various educational and academic institutes.
While the schools of the city of Jalandhar provide education at the secondary and the higher secondary level, the renowned colleges of the city of Jalandhar provide higher education in technical and specialized disciplines.

Area 3,401 km²
Population 2181753
Language Punjabi
Pin Code 144001

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