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Kohima,The Capital City of Nagaland 

Kohima is the capital city of the Indian state of Nagaland. It is a scenic town blessed with breath taking natural beauty and situated at the northeastern border of India. The city is well known for its juvenile beauty and the wonderful views of the Naga Hills and also holds historical impotance as the site of the battle fought between british and Japanese troops during World War II. The majority of Nagas and Kukis reside in the region and protect their unique culture and identity. There are also a numerous beautiful villages in and around Kohima which are of traditional and cultural amusements. Aprt from this, It is simply wonderful that there are many beautiful places to visit in and around Kohima and a lot of interesting things to do in Kohima. The colourful costumes of the local people, joyous and familiar behaviour makes it a wonderful experience to visit this city.

Kohima is named after a wild flowering plant called Kewhi, found in the mountains. Kohima was earlier known as Thigoma. The British invaded Naga territory in the 1840s, but had to face stiff opposition from the freedom-loving Nagas. It took the British nearly four decades to conquer a territory less than 10,000 sq km. Kohima became the first headquarters of Naga Hills District in 1879. When Nagaland was declared a full-fledged state on December 1, 1963, Kohima became the state capital. The British developed Kohima as a watch post for the eastern region. The town has been witness to the bloody World War II battles between the Allies and Japan. The Commonwealth War Cemetery is dedicated to 10,000 Allied soldiers who lost their lives during the Japanese invasion during World War II.

Kohima is a beautiful city in the state of Nagaland. The city is a popular tourist hub and therefore experiences visitors in large numbers. It is the most travel destination and ideal for making holiday tour amidst the green valley. The city is remarkable for the history of World War II. For tourists it has religious, monumental, museums and village attractions. Some of the major tourist attarctions are War Cemetery, Catholic Chruch, Kohima Museum, Tuophema, Ruzaphema, Naga Bazar and many more.

Places to visit 

War Cemetery
War Cemetery is major tourist attraction in Kohima. It is a historic site, which reminds of the brave warriors, who died during the Japanese Invasion at the time of World War II. This cemetery comprises around 1420 commonwealth funerals, which have stone markers on them.

Japfu Peak
Japfu peak is another beautiful place to visit in Kohima. It is the second largest peak in Nagaland situated 15 kms away from Kohima. This peak is scenic paradise with delightful view of the sunrise and the sorrounding hills.

Dzulekie is a ncie place to visit which is situated 40 kms away from Kohima. This hilly landscape with lush greem sub-tropical forests are simply charming and the gorges amd steams add a hint of siprituality.

State Museum
State musuem is one of the msot popular museum located in Kohima. It is a platform that exhibits the vibrant culture of Nagaland through a collection of fascinating arts and artifacts.

Area 20 km²
Population 99039
Language English
Pin Code 797001

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