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Kolhapur,The City Of Palaces And Gardens 

Kolhapur is a major city which is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city has a rich history dating back to 300 years and is located on the banks of the river Panchganga. The name Kolhapur is renowned all over India as well as abroad for its specialties like Kolhapuri Chappal, Kolhapuri food and Kolhapuri gur. The city is famous as capital of Maratha film industry and has borne the glory and name as the place where the first feature film in India - Raja Harischandra was conceptualized. The city is popular for the localized version of wrestling known as Kushti and also famous for art and education. Kolhapuri footwear, Kolhapuri jewels and Kolhapuri tobacco are known globally. These products are exported from Kolhapur. A modified version of necklace known as Kolhapuri Saaj is an excellent example of Kolhapur jewel products. Panhalgad hill station, Irwin Agricultural Museum, Mahalaxmi temple also called Dakshin Kashi and Bahubali Jain temple are few of the nearby Kolhapur attractions. As per the legend associated with Kolhapur, the city was named after a demon killed by Goddess Mahalakshmi, to rid the local people for his tyranny. Majority of the people living here are Marathas, with small populations of Gujaratis, Marwadis, Jains, Lingayats and Sindhis making up the minority.

The history of a Kolhapur city echoes in the lifestyle of people and various organizations in the city . During the historic period from first century before Christ to ninth century AD, Kolhapur was situated on the Brahmpuri hills. The excavations on the hill and the research on items found there indicate that during Satwahan period there was wealthy and cultured population staying there. From 225 AD to 550 AD there was dynasty of royal families of Wakatak , Kadamb, Shedrak and Mourya. During 550 AD to 753 AD there was kingdom of Chalukya family from Badami. In 634 AD, King Kamadeo from this family started construction of Mahalaxmi temple. Almost all Chalukys Kings address Kolhapur as ‘Dakshin Kashi’ or ‘Mahateerth’. In 753 AD to 850 AD Rashtrakut dynasty was established in the south. Kolhapur region also came under their jurisdiction. From that time to 1210 AD there was kingdom of Shilahar in Kolhapur. Kolhapur has played a major role during that period as a main power center of Shilahaar kingdom. Kolhapur has been referred as Mahateerth in the stone carvings during the period of Gandaradivya King. He completed the construction of Mahalaxmi temple. His sister Chandrikadevi was married with Chalukya King Second Vikramaditya and the wealth of Kolhapur started growing.

Kolhapur is one of the cities, which are worth to be visited in Maharashtra. There are number of forts in this old city. Descended from its historic events, the city has many historical monuments and sites. During the periods of Satavahana kings and the Shilaharas, the magnificent temples of Kolhapur were constructed. Kolhapur has number of tourist sites. The architecture of New Palace offers the visitors a combination of Jain and Hindu influences from Gujarat and Rajasthan, and local Rajwada style. Chhatrapati Sahu Museum in the palace is also worth to visit. Rankala Lake, Old Palace, Town Hall Museum and Mahalaxmi are other sites, which are worth to visit. One can also organize excursions to Panhala, Vishalgad, Bhudargad, Paargad, Narasimha Wadi, Giroli Tourist Park, Dajipur Bison Sanctuary and Amboli, which are not so far from Kolhapur.

Places To Visit 

Mahalaxmi Temple
Mahalaxmi Temple is a very old temple located in Kolhapur. The temple was built during the rule of King Karandev of Chalukya dynasty in 7th century AD. The temple is dedicated to Mahalaxmi, the goddess of prosperity. The walls, interiors and exteriors of the ancient shrine are beautifully adorned with carvings and sculptures that exhibit the skills and workmanship of that era.

Shahuji Chhatrapati Museum
Shahuji Chhatrapati Musuem is one of the most famous museum located in the Kolhapur city. It is famous among travellers for its beautiful collection of artefacts, sculptures and paintings. Moreover, the museum also showcases the royal weapons and the different still art materials representing the court life. The museum is surrounded by beautiful parks, a lake and a zoo that attract tourists in large number.

Jyotiba Temple
Jyotiba Temple is one of the most famous temple which is situated at a distance of 17 kms away from the main city. It was constructed by Navajisaya in 1730 and is dedicated to Lord Jyotiba. Jyotiba is considered to be an incarnation of three main gods, Mahesh, Vishnu and Brahma. Tourists prefer to visit this temple during the large fair that is held in the full moon days of Vaishakh and Chaitra every year.

Maharaja Palace

Maharaja Palace is a major tourist attraction in Kolhapur. It is located in Kolhapur and includes the renowned Chhatrapati Shahu Museum. The building is a grand combination of Jain, Rajwada and Hindu-styled architectural works. People love to explore the place which houses a grand collection of costumes, weapons, games, jewellery, embroidery, memorabilia, hunting photos, artefacts and utensils, among others.

Rankala Lake

Rankala Lake is one of the most beautiful lake located in the city of Kolhapur. It was built by the Chhatrapati rulers of Kolhapur. Rankala Lake offers various recreational facilities like lake side walk. Apart from this, the lake is also well-known among the visitors for different activities like boating and horse riding.

Area 3,172 km²
Population 4801062
Language Hindi, Maithili, Bajjika, English
Pin Code 812003

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