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Moradabad,The Brass City of India 

Moradabad is one of the most important commercial town which is situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The city of Moradabad is situated on the banks of River Ramganga. It is also a Municipal Corporation in Moradabad District. The city is famous throughout the world for its subtle copper and bronze works that are exported to hundreds of countries throughout the world. The city is often referred to as the Brass City or Peetal Nagriof India. It has a large center of trade and has a special industry in ornamental brass ware. The brass ware items are sometimes plated with tin and then they are inscribed. Moradabad is the administrative headquarters and commercial or industrial capital of Moradabad District. Moradabad has also added its name in the field of music by being home to the well-known Tabla player Ahmad Jaan Tharakwa.
The Prince Murad, son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan established this city in 1600. The city was previously known as Chaupla. Later on, Shahjahan appointed Rustam Khan in the year 1623, the governor of Sambhal who captured it and built a Fort at this place and named it as Rustam Nagar. Soon after, it was named as Moradabad after Shah Jahan's son Murad Baksh.

Moradabad is a most beautiful tourist destination in the state of Uttar Pradesh. There are many forts, temples, gardens, museums and chruches in Moradabad. It is well connected with the major cities of the country through air, rail and road. There are many places to visit in Moradabad are Sai temple, Jama Masjid, Mandawar ka Mahal, Raza Library, Vidur Kuti, knava ashram, Pataleshwar Ashram, Lord Shani temple, Sita Temple, Kunj Bihari temple, Rambag Dham and many more.

Places to visit 

Sai Temple
Sai temple is one of the most famous temple which is located in the Deen Dayal Nagar of Moradabad. It has a deity of Sai Baba and is open to the devotees of all the religions. It is believed that Shirdi Sai Baba has affirmed the Solidarity of God which means Sabka Maalik Ek

Najibudaulah's Fort
Najibudaulah's Fort is one of the most popular historical monument located in Moradabad. It was built by Gulam Kadir in the 18 century. It is a very nice place to visit and one of the most important facts of this Fort is that it was where Sultana dacoit used to live here.

Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid is also one of the famous mosque which is located in the Baqipur village of Moradabad. This mosque is located very close to the Hamsafar Hall. Masjid is a holy place of Muslims to worship and is a master piece and was built in 1631.

Raza Library
Raza Library is a very nice and quiet place for book lovers. It is situated in the Rampur district of Moradabad Division. This libraray was established in the 18th century by Nawab Faizullah Khan and is also considered as a heritage site for Indo-Islamic culture.

Prem Wonderland And Water Kingdom
Prem Wonderland And Water Kingdom is a best amusement park which is located on the Rampur highway in the Moradabad. It is a fun destination to enjoy with the family members. It has different types of swings and various types of water rides. It is specially built for family get together during summer season.

Area 3,493 km²
Population 889810
Language Hindi
Pin Code 244001

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