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Nagpur,The City Of Oranges 

Nagpur is a beautiful city which is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Nagpur is popularly known as The city of Oranges. The city is famous for growing oranges from which it derives its nickname Orange City.The Nag River flows through the old city of Nagpur, giving the city its name Nag+Pur. A culturally active city, Nagpur hosts classical music concerts, exhibitions and plays regularly. The city is the second greenest and also the cleanest city in India. The city of Nagpur is located at the exact center of the Indian peninsula. The city has a Zero Mile stone locating the geographical center of India, which was used by the British to measure all distances within the Indian-subcontinent Nagpur city is dotted with natural and artificial lakes. The largest lake is Ambazari Lake. Other natural lakes include Gorewada Lake and Telangkhedi lake. Nagpur is known for its greenery and was adjudged the cleanest and second greenest in India after Chandigarh in 2010.

It is believed that Nagpur was founded in the early 18th century by Bhakt Buland - Gond prince of Deogad kingdom, in the Chhindwara district. Bhakt Buland wanted to bring some lifestyle changes to the city of Nagpur after he saw the advantage of civilised life of Delhi. After Bhakt Buland, his successor Chand Sultan continued the development work of Bhakt Buland, however with the death of Chand Sultan in 1739, there were disputes regarding the throne succession. In 1861, Nagpur became the capital of the Central Provinces. The advent of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIP) in 1867 spurred its development as a trade centre. After Indian independence, Nagpur became the capital of Madhya Bharat state (C.P. and Berar). In 1960, the marathi majority Vidarbha region was merged with the new state of Maharashtra and Nagpur was designated the second capital of Maharashtra state, alternating with Bombay as the seat of the Maharashtra state legislature.

Nagpur is a major tourist destination of Maharashtra. There are a number of tourist attractions in Nagpur, which are visited by thousands of tourists every year. These include the Balaji Mandir, the Ambazari Lake, the Seminary Hill and the Maharaj Baug and Zoo. The Birla Mandir, dedicated to Lord Balaji is situated in the Seminary Hills. Ambazari Lake is a favorite picnic spot of tourists. This one is the largest and most beautiful lake in the vicinity. Children find this place really amusing as a wide variety of sports can be played here.

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Ambazari Lake
Ambazari Lake is one of the most beautiful lake located in Nagpur. It is a famous lake and spread over an area of 15.4 Kms. on the western outskirts of the city. It is surrounded by a picturesque garden. Boating facilities are also available.

Maharaja Baug and Zoo
The Maharaj Baug and Zoo of Nagpur were built by the rulers of Bhonsle dynasty, many years ago. This is a beautiful park which was later renovated into a botanical garden housing different birds and animals. Some of the birds of this zoo are very rare and cannot be found in any other zoo of the country.

Deeksha Bhoomi
Deeksha Bhoomi is a major tourist destination in Nagpur. It is a very important place for the Buddhists and attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. This holy place is also home to one of the main stupas of the Buddhists.

Sitabuldi Fort
Sitabuldi fort is a most famous historical monument in Nagpur. It is located atop a hill and was built by a British officer in 1857. At present, the fort is home to the office of the territorial army and is open for public visit during national holidays. Inside the fort is a memorial in dedication to all the soldiers who have died in the war between the Marathas and the British.

Balaji Mandir
Balaji Mandir is one of the most famous temple located in Nagpur. It is dedicated to Lord Balaji and is located in the Seminary Hills. The temple has the idol of Lord Kartikeya. The Balaji Mandir is quite popular among a lot of tourists who come here to take blessings of the God.

Area 228 km²
Population 2405421
Language Hindi, Marathi
Pin Code 440001

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