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Nashik,The Wine Capital Of India 

Nashik is a beautiful city which is situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is also the administrative headquarters in the district. It is the third largest city of Maharashtra and the fourth fastest growing city of India and is incredibly famous among tourists for pleasant climate, impeccable cleanliness and picturesque surroundings. The city has become the center of attraction because of its beautiful surroundings and cool and pleasant climate. Nashik has a personality of its own due to its mythological, historical, social and cultural importance. The city, vibrant and active on the industrial, political, social and cultural fronts, has influenced the lives of many a great personalities. The river Godavari flows through the city. Temples and ghats on the banks of Godavari have made Nashik one of the holiest places for Hindus all over the World. Nashik is prominent for grapes, tomatoes and onions. It is also popular for its table grapes since a long time and is known as Wine Capital of India. It is also well known for its Maharashtrian cuisines with an additional influence from Khandesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is a home to an essential thermal power plant and a National Treasury Printing Press.

Nashik has mythological, historical, social and cultural importance. The city of Nashik is situated on the banks of the Godavari River and making it one of the holiest places for Hindus all over the world. Nashik has a rich historical past, as the mythology has it that Lord Rama, the King of Ayodhya, made Nashik his abode during his 14 years in exile. At the same place Lord Laxman by the wish of Lord Rama and cut the nose of Shurpnakha and thus this city was named as Nashik. In Kritayuga, Nashik was Trikantak, Janasthana in Dwaparyuga and later in Kuliyuga it became Navashikh or Nashik. Renowed poets like Valmiki, Kalidas and Bhavabhooti have paid rich tributes here. Nashik in 150 BC was beleived to be the country's largets market place. From 1487 A.D, this province came under the rule of Mughals and was known as Gulchanabad. It was also home of Emperor Akbar and he has written at length about Nashik in Ein-e-Akbari. It was also known as the Land of the brave during the regime of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Nashik is an important tourist destination of Maharashtra. There are a number of tourist attractions in Nashik, which are visited by thousands of tourists every year. These include the Kala Ram Mandir, Trimbakeshwar and Nandurmadmeshwar. The Kala Ram temple was built by Odhekar, a Maratha vassal of the Peshwas. This temple is made only of black stones. Great processions are held in the temple on Ram Navami, Dusshera and Chaitra Padwa. Trimbakeshwar is one of the 12 jyotirlingas dedicated to Lord Shiva. Locals believe anybody visiting the temple will gain salvation. Apart from these temples, there are many other sightseeing places in Nashik to capture your eyes.

Places to visit 

Shree Ved Temple
Shree Ved Temple is one of the most famous temple located in Nashik. The Ved Temple was built with the aim of studying Indian culture and Ved and Puranas. The temple is the example of modern interiors with Italian Marble.

Kumbmela is an major tourist attraction. Kumbhmela celebrates festival of festivals! The massive event has its own story behind it. The meeting of Gods and demons was held so as to obtain amrit, the sweet nectar of immortality from the Milky Ocean.

Coin Museum
Coin Museum is a most visited place in Nashik. The Indian Institute of analysis in Numismatic Studies Established in 1980 and situated within the scenic surroundings of Anjneri Hill is one in all its types in Asia.

Pandav Caves
Pandav Caves is also another tourist attraction in Nashik. These caves were built by Jain Kings and are 2000 years old. The engravings inside the gumpha are believed to be of Pandavas of 17th Century and thus these caves are named as Pandav Caves

Trimbakeshwar Temple
Trimbakeshwar is an ancient Hindu temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The extraordinary feature of the Jyotirlinga located here is its three faces embodying Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudra.

Area 300 km²
Population 1862769
Language Hindi, Marathi
Pin Code 422001

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