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Panipat,City of Weaver 

Panipat is one of the most beautiful and historic city which is situated in the state of Haryana. The city of Panipat is also famous in India by the name of City of Weaver. The city is well known for its historical features. The city is bordered by Karnal, Sonipat, Jind as well as the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Panipat town is famous for its handloom Products which are great in demand in India and are also exported abroad. It is famous for curtains, bed sheets, blankets and carpets. This city is also famous for its handloom industry. It is also home to many industries such as Indian Oil Co. Ltd. (IOCL) Refinery, NTPC Thermal Power Plant and National Fertilizers Limited. It is the biggest centre for cheap blankets and carpets in India. The main places of attraction are the Graves of Ibrahim Lodhi, Kabuli Bagh, Devi Mandir, Salar Gunj Gate, Kala Amb, and Tomb of Bu-Ali Shah Kalandar.

According to the legend, Panipat was one of the five cities founded by the Pandava brothers during the times of the Mahabharata and its historic name being Panduprastha. The three battles fought at the city were turning points in Indian history. The First Battle of Panipat was fought in 1526 between the Mughal Babur and the Delhi Sultan Ibrahim Lodi, resulting in the end of the Lodi dynasty and the start of Mughal rule in India. The Second Battle of Panipat was fought in 1556 between the Mughal Akbar and Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, resulted in a Mughal victory and the Third Battle of Panipat was fought in 1761 between Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marathas. Ahmad Shah won the war but at a very heavy price. The war led to a power vacuum which created the grounds for the British conquest of India.

Panipat is a well known Tourist destination in the Indian state of Haryana. There are many historical monuments, temples and forts in the city of Panipat. The Panipat museum is one of the chief attractions in the region, and this museum houses many must see pieces of contemporary art and craft. One can also visit Kabuli Shah Mosque which is an ancient structure built by the Mughal Emperor Babar. Apart from this, the city has numerous attractive places and sightseeing, which makes it an ideal tourist spot for travellers.

Places To Visit 

Ibrahim Lodi Tomb
Ibrahim Lodi Tomb is one of the most famous tourist place in the Panipat. This Tomb is known for its simple rectangular block which is located on a high podium that has some steps built from lakhori bricks. In the year 1866, the Britisher renovated this tomb and added a caption that stated Ibrahim Lodi's defeat by Babur.

Panipat Museum
Panipat Museum is also one of the most famous tourist place in the Panipat. This museum was established with the main purpose of imparting information about the three legendary battles of Panipat held in 1526, 1556 and 1761. It also displays archaeology, history and artefacts of Panipat in the form of antiquities, inscriptions, paintings, sculptures, jewellery, art and craft objects, valuable documents, maps, write-ups, and photographs.

Kabuli Shah Mosque
Kabuli Shah Mosque is also a major tourist attraction in Panipat. It has been built in the Mughal style with a garden and water tank design and it attracts a large number of tourists. The interior structure of the mosque is designed with numerous beautiful painting which reflects Mughal art and structural design.

Area 64 km²
Population 442277
Language Hindi, Punjabi, English
Pin Code 132103

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