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Patna,The Capital City of Bihar 

Patna is the capital city of the Indian State of Bihar. The city is situated on the southern bank of river Ganges. It is also popularly known as Pataliputra and is a perfect place for history lovers. The city is well known for its Buddhist relics and is also a holy place for the Sikh Community, as many of the Sikh Gurus were born here. It is said that the Buddha also have passed through Patliputra during the end of his life. Patna is linked with the other cities of the country, through its well developed air, rail and road network. Khichdi is the common staple food, along with rice and rotis. Patna is also famous for its sweet delicacies like Motichoor ka Ladoo, Kala Jamun, Kesaria Peda, Parwal ki Mithai. Patna is one of the oldest learning centres of the country. Patna University, established in 1917, is the oldest university in Bihar and seventh oldest in the country. With the opening and set up few noted institutes in the region, it is once again becoming the learning center of the region. These noted institutions include The Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Technology, and Birla Institute of Technology. Apart from this, Patna has a myriad of attractions are Khuda Baksh Oriental Library, Takht Shri Harmandir Saheb, Patna Museum, Golgarh, the Patna Cemetery, Padri-Ki-Haveli (a church), Hanuman Mandir, Agam Kuan, Kumhrar, Patna Planetarium and Qila House which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country every year.

The history and tradition of Patna go back to the earliest dawn of civilization. According to some historians, Patna has an impressive three millennium long history. This city has its name mentioned in ancient texts like Vedas, Puranas and the Mahabharata. Earlier known as Pataliputra, it was the capital of Magadha Empire. It remained the capital of many kingdoms and dynasties like Nanda, Mauryan, Sunga, Gupta, Pala and the Suri. The great kings, Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka were accountable for changing Patna into a cultural and an educational hub. The city came into prominence in the early years of the 5th century when Ajatshatru, the second king of the Maurya dynasty shifted the capital of the Magadha Empire to Patliputra. Over the next 1000 years, the city grew in stature as one of the foremost cities of the Indian Subcontinent. It had a strategic importance in the expansion plans of the various empires that ruled over India, whether Mauryan, Mughal or British. Modern day Patna is more infamous than famous, thanks in part to the general mayhem that prevails. The city has lost its prestige as a centre of culture and education and gained disrepute for the antics of its politicians.

Patna is one of the popular cities of India and forms a major destination of the state Bihar. The city has all what a travelers seeks for a perfect holiday. The natural beauty and various tourist sites allure a lot of Indian as well International travelers to Patna. Some of the important places of interest to visit in Patna include Mahavir Mandir, Patan Devi, Takht Shri Patna Saheb, Kamaldah Jain Temple, ISKCON Temple, Sher Shah Suri Masjid, Gandhi Maidan, Patna Museum and many more. Apart from this, the city has numerous attractive places and sightseeing, which makes it an ideal tourist spot for travellers.

Places To Visit 

Mahavir Mandir
Mahavir Mandir is one of the most famous temple located in Patna. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The temple comprises the brass shrines or Kalas, which can be seen on the roof. It is considered a 'manokamna' mandir where devotees come to get their prayers and wishes answered.

Takht Shri Patna Sahib
Takht Shri Patna Sahib is a most popular historical Gurudwara in Patna which is located on the banks of the holy Ganga River. It was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in his reign, the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire. The Gurudwara was constructed in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of Sikhs.

Maner Sharif
Maner Sharif is a most visited place in the Patna. The mosque is extremely popular in the country and is an ancient construction which beautifully depicts classical Islamic architecture through intricate work of sculptures on its ceilings and pillars. The mosque is visited by people of all castes and religions, those in search of blessings and wishes.

Patna Museum

Patna Museum is a major tourist attraction in Patna. It was built in 1917 during the British Rule and constructed in Mughal and Rajput architectural style. This museum is commonly called as Jadu Ghar and houses several metal and stone sculptures that date back to the Gupta and Mauryan Eras.

Area 135 km²
Population 2046652
Language Hindi, English, Magadhi
Pin Code 800

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