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Phagwara is a city and a municipal corporation in Kapurthala district in the north Indian state of Punjab. It was founded by Shah Jahan during the Mughal times.The city is internationally recognized because a large amount of NRI (Non-resident Indian) population belongs to this city. 

Phagwara is located on the Delhi- Amritsar National Highway Sher-Shah-Suri Marg (NH1) and also on the main railway link between Amritsar -Delhi and Delhi - Jammu. It is located between two big cities Ludhiana(38 Kms) and Jalandhar (21 Kms). Phagwara is 76 miles (123 Kms) away from Chandigarh and 220 miles (355 Kms) from Delhi. Phagwara is a junction with rail and road link to other cities like Banga, Hoshiarpur,Phillaur, Nakodar. Most of the major trains stop here like the Shatabdi Express, Shan-e-Punjab, Swarna Shtbdi, Paschim Express etc.  

It is the main industrial place in the Kapurthala District because of its good location on the national highway. This city consists of many different types of industries like Wahid Sandhar Sugar Mills Limited, Jagjit Cotton Textiles (JCT) Mills Limited, The Sukhjit Starch & Chemicals Limited and there are many small scall industries manufacturing Electrical Accessories, Machine Tools, Agricultural Implements and Rubber. It is famous too all over the world for manufacturing of Oil Engine Parts.

Area 1,633 km²
Population 117954
Language Punjabi
Pin Code 144401

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