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Summer Season

The summer season in the Port Blair city starts from the months of March to May. During this time, the temperature varies from a minimum of 20°C to a maximum of 36°C. April is the hottest month of the year and it is preferred not to visit this time.


Monsoon Season

The monsoon season in the Port Blair starts from mid of May and lasts till June. It experiences moderate and tropical kind of monsoon climate with average temperature that ranges from 20° Celsius to 30° Celsius. It offers heavy or light rainfall throughout the year.


Winter Season

Winter starts from December and continues till February. The winters are characterized here with low temperature, dry and cool atmosphere. During this period, the minimum temperature is 15 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature is 22 degree Celsius.


Best time to visit Port Blair

Winter season is the good time to visit in the city of Port Blair. During this period, the city experiences mild winters and the temperature generally ranges between 15 degree Celsius and 34 degree Celsius. It's the ideal time to plan a trip and it's no wonder that most tourists, especially honeymooners, like to travel here in this period. Tourists can easily plan all beach activities and water sports. It's also a good time to see exotic and rare bird species on Chiriya Tapu.


Area 16.64 km²
Population 100000
Language English
Pin Code 744101

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