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Sonipat,The Golden City 

Sonipat is an ancient town which is located in the state of Haryana. It is also considered as one of the major municipal councils of Haryana. Sonipat is bordered by the states of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh as well as the districts of Rohtak, Jind and Panipat. The district headquarter is situated in Sonipat. The district touches Delhi on one end, Panipat District on the other, and the Yamuna River acting as a border in one direction and Rohtak on the other side. It lies under the National Capital Region area and is surrounded by the River Yamuna on its eastern side. Sonipat has also emerged as a major industrial hub in Haryana after the state government had taken the initiative to mobilize the movements of large scale investors in the region. Being close to New Delhi, the place enjoyed special attention from Mughal rulers and the evidence of the same can be seen in the architectural structures present in the city.

Sonipat was earlier known as Sonprastha in the Mahabharatha times, which later on became Swarnprastha, meaning the Golden City. It is derived from two Sanskrit words, swarn (gold) and prastha (place). Later, the name Swarnprastha changed into Swarnpath, and then to its current form, Sonipat. It is believed that Sonipat was founded as Swarnaprastha by the five Pandava brothers during the times of Mahabharata. It is one of the five Preasthas or towns demanded by Yudhisthira from Duryodhana as the price of peace. Another legend ascribed it to Raja Soni, the thirteenth descendent of Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers.

Sonipat is a well known Tourist destination in the Indian state of Haryana. There are many historical monuments, temples and forts in the city of Sonipat. There are many tourist places in sonipat are tomb of Khwaja Khizr, Jurasik Park Inn, Abdullah Nasir Ud Din Mosque, Baba Dham Temple, Methodist Mission Chruch and many more. Apart from this, the city has numerous attractive places and sightseeing, which makes it an ideal tourist spot for travellers.

Places To Visit 

Khwaja Khizr Tomb
Khwaja Khizr Tomb is one of the most famous Tourist place in the Sonipat. This is the tomb of the Muslim saint Khwaja Khizr who lived here during the reign of the Lodi Emperor, Ibrahim Lodi. The tomb attracts a lot of local tourists and is currently being maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Abdullah Nasir Ud Din Mosque
Abdullah Nasir Ud Din Mosque is one of the most popular Mosque in Sonipat. The Mosque is regarded as one of the ancient Mughal structures lying on the outskirts of the city. It is dedicated to a great learned Saint Abdullah Nasir-Ud-Din who was the successor of Mushid of Iran.

Baba Dham Temple
Baba Dham Mandir is one of the most famous temple which is located in the sainipura area of Sonipat. It is a most Popular religious shrine dedicated to Sai Baba. There a hundreds of thousands of devotees come to this temple everyday from far and wide to get the blessings of God Sai Baba. Apart from being a heritage and a pilgrimage, Baba Dham temple is an eye-candy for people of Sonipat because of the spectacular view it offers during late evenings.

Jurasik Park
Jurasik Park is a major tourist attraction which is located on the NH1 National Highway in Sonipat. It spreads over an area of 22 arces. It is a dinosaur-themed park, and has gaint dinosaurs at the entrance.

Area 2,260 km²
Population 1278830
Language Hindi, Punjabi, English
Pin Code 131001

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