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Vijayawada,The Bussiness Capital Of Andhra Pradesh 

Vijayawada is one of the third largest city which is located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located on the banks of the Krishna River and bounded by the Indrakiladri Hills on the West and the Budameru River on the North. The literary means of Vijayawada is Victory and the city is a prominent destination in South India. Vijayawada is famous for its luscious mangoes, mouth watering sweets and abundance of outstanding springs. It is situated in the stretch of Chennai-Howrah and Chennai-Delhi rail routes with national highways 5 and 9 touching the city. The city is one of the major trading and business centers of the state and hence, it is also known as The Business Capital of Andhra Pradesh. Vijayawada is famous for its pickles and home made sweets and savories making that is a must buy for most tourists. Also accessible from Vijayawada are the towns of Kuchipudi, Mangalagiri and Kondapalli, which are famous for dance, temple and handicrafts respectively. Vijayawada is famous for Kalamkari paintings and fabrics well. Apart from this, there are also many tourist attractions located in Vijayawada which attracts people from all over the country.  

The history of Vijaywada can be traced back to the reign of the Chalukyas and during the time of Krishnadeva Raya was designated as the Chalukya kingdom's cultural and religious capital. Many a foreign traveller including Huyen Tsang the Buddhist visited Vijaywada. Under British rule in the early 1900's Vijaywada grew by way of infrastructure as also facilities like the Prakasam Barrage and bridges were built to make rail and road connectivity easier. Vijayawada was an important part of Vijayanagar Kingdom under the great ruler, Sri Krishna Devarayar. It is said that Lord Shiva blessed Arjuna, the great fighter of the epic Mahabharatha, pointing at the top of a hill called ‘lndrakeeladri’ and thus, Arjuna created Vijayawada. According to another legend, Goddess Durga took rest in this sacred place after destroying a Rakshasa and since then the name Land of Victory or Vijayawada Came into existence.

Vijayawada is one of the most wonderful City in Andhra Pradesh. It is a colorful land with people of varied customs, traditions, communities and groups. This city is filled with stunning ashrams, temples, gardens and lakes. It is well connected with the major cities of the country through air, rail and road. There are many places to visit in Vijayawada are Kanaka Durga temple, Mangalagiri, Besant Road, Prakasam Barrage, Undavalli Caves, Bhavani Island, Rajiv Gandhi Park, Kondapalli fort, Gundala Matha Shrine and many more. Apart from this, the city has numerous attractive places and sightseeing, which makes it an ideal tourist spot for travellers.

Places To Visit 

Kanaka Durga Temple 
Kanaka Durga Temple is one of the most famous Hindu temple located on the banks of Krishna River in Vijayawada. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kanaka Durga. According to the legends, Arjuna obtained the Pasupatha astra at this site and after gaining the astra, he constructed this temple for Goddess Durga.

Prakasam Barrage
Prakasam Barrage is a major tourist attraction in Vijayawada. It is a 1223.5 m long structure across the Krishna River, which connects Krishna and Guntur districts. The construction of the barrage started in 1852 and completed in 1855. Tourists visiting the barrage can get a view of the lake.

Bhavani Island
Bhavani Island is one of the largest river island which is located at a distance of 4 kms away from the Vijayawada city. This island is major picnic spot and has boating facilities, mangroves and manicured gardens. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation plans to develop more aquatic and marshy-land oriented activities in the Bhavani Island.

Kondapalli Fort
Kondapalli Fort is also a most visited place which is situated in the Kondapalli Village of Vijayawada. The fort was built in the 14th century. The major attraction of the fort is the Tanisha Mahal or Palace, which is located on a crest between two hills.

Rajiv Gandhi Park
Rajiv Gandhi Park is a most beautiful park which is situated at the entrance of Vijayawada. The park has manicured lawns and walking trails along with a mini zoo. Within the park, there is an educative park, which has replicas of dinosaurs and other pre-historic animals. The park is built and maintained by Vijayawada Municipal Corporation.

Area 61km²
Population 1034358
Language Telugu
Pin Code 520001

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